CEI hosts the 4th IEEE International Conference on Energy Internet (ICEI 2020)

24 Aug 2020 the 4th IEEE International Conference on Energy Internet (ICEI 2020), held at Sydney, Australia, August 24–28, 2020. Energy Internet is an Internet-style solution for bottom-up construction of energy infrastructure and applications. The key principle of the Energy Internet is decentralized coordination of energy production and consumption that enable open and peer-to-peer energy …

How Australia and China are collaborating on energy efficiency

17 June 2019 Working on solutions for sustainable energy supply Universities in Australia and China are working on new technological solutions to one of energy productions’ toughest challenges; how to even out demand for electricity. A new research centre, the Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Energy Informatics and Demand Response Technologies, was recently granted $900,000 …

Relating News from media

Australia-China collaboration to de-stress grid with energy informatics https://www.itnews.com.au/news/australia-china-collaboration-to-de-stress-grid-with-energy-informatics-526833


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